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Disposable, sterile (EtO) device with micro-needle for microtherapy treatments.
Microtherapy, an «evolution from mesotherapy» is a recent technique for administration of drugs via superficial intradermal injections and it is an additional technique to intramuscolar, intra-veneral and subcutaneous injections.
Where mesotherapy uses needles 4/6 mm long to inject drugs into the deep derma layer, microtherapy uses the S.i.t, a single use device with a shape of a reversed cone that has in its center a special extrafine needle: 31G(0,26)x2,5 mm, by which, drugs are injected in the superficial layer of derma (papillar layer, immediately under the corneous skin layer).
The superficial microtherapy technique, performed with S.i.t, allows, to obtain from the injected drug its maximum effectiveness and avoids side effects and risk factors typical of the mesotherapy:
1) breaking of small veins with consequent haematoma.
2) breaking of small arteries through wich the drug is absorbed too quickly with decrease of its effectiveness.
3) damage of the deep derma with undesired scars.
4) painful injections due to tears of superficial nerves.

Microtherapy is meant to be a new mesotherapy treatment method, free from risks and undesirable side outcomes, useful in the adiposity treatment and in all the medical practies associated in the mesotherapy.

Microtherapy has been planned with the intent to inject drugs into the skin layer in an efficacious - and not traumatic - way; particularly avoiding the undesired classic mesotherapy outcomes such as:
- Breaking of small veins with consequent haematoma.
- Breaking of small arteries
- Breaking of painful proprioceptive dermal fibres
- Cicatricial micro-sclerosis formations.
This new technique has been experimented for a long time in the P.E.F.S treatment with the target to promote the edema reabsorption.
The edema, normally connected with this kind of problem, locally constricts the tissues and so it produces a micro-circle deficit, perpetuating the process.
The central concept of Microtherapy is the injection, in the papillar derma (by many micro-doses) of a salt hypertonic solution.
This solution, by osmotic process, attracts to the middle derma, the deep edematous fluids.
The absence of a tissues compression and micro-circle suffering in the middle derma, avoids the elimination of those fluids, by the physiologic vascular and lymphatic drainage system.
The micro-doses mentioned, can be estimated in 0,05 ml (so with a 5 ml syringe, 100 injections can be done).
The edema (and the related tissues compression) elimination allows the reactivation of the micro-circle physiological mechanism, in the deep derma layer.
This normalisation also allows the reactivation of the lipidic metabolism and the endogenous lipolysis, with a global improvement about the starting situation.

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The S.i.t. (Skin injection therapy) is purposed in 25pcs box.









Injector for microtherapy 
with microneedle 32Gx2,5 - Box of 25 pcs

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