Prices reported on this website annul and replace any previous.
Particular conditions applied to the customers are negotiate separately.



We reservo to ourselves the possibility to produce any technical, aesthetics and functional modifications without any notice.
Furthermore, we reserve to ourselves the possibility to change any price and the terms of sale, without any notice, excluding that it can constitute, for the buyer a reason for any compensation. 



About prices, there is an important aspect to consider: the buyer (and so the final destination of goods), in fact:



For this kind of buyer, the question of additional taxes on products (VAT), must be considered.
If the buyer, during the order procedure, gives to the seller his VAT number, the seller can not apply the origin country VAT taxes on products (so the buyer can pay them on the destination country). In this case, the final prices applied on product are exactly as reported on this website.
Otherwise: if the buyer can not or don't want communicate to the seller his VAT number, the seller must apply the VAT Taxes of the the origin Country (the seller country).
In this case, prices reported must be added of +21%.


No additional taxes on products for the extra EEC export, so will be applied exactly the prices roported on this website. 

  The preferential form of payment is in advance by bank transfer our Proforma Invoice based.  

  Perform the order, sending it to us by mail or fax, reporting on it all necessary data.
EEC subjects (buyers): please take not of the VAT question explained in the «PRICES» section. The indication (or not) of the VAT number will determine different final prices.
After the order receiving (in case of problem about the products availability, or other, we'll send to the buyer a communication), we'll send to the buyer a document called «Proforma Invoice». This document must be considered as a detailed estimate /order confirm.
On the Proforma Invoice, all order details are reported, shipment charge included.
If the buyer accepts the Proforma Invoice, he must do the payment, using the iban code reported on the body of document (in the case of payment by bank transfer) or following other seller instructions sent with the P.I.
After the payment receiving, we'll ship the goods.

  Delivery terms will be explained to the buyer during the commercial correspondance.
The eventual products unavailability will be communicate in this phase, and in this case, we normally give to the buyer, some informations about the new awaited availability.
The entire purchasing process can be resumed in: 
Request/Order > Proforma Invoice issue > Proforma Invoice payment and receiving > Shipment.
Any time reference reported in the commercial correspondance (and the particularly the data referred to the Courier operation) must not be intended in a peremptory way.
Any eventual delay, does not constitute a reason for any compensation.

  The goods required is shipped by couriers as GLS, FEDEX, ecc.
Shipping costs are reported on the Proforma Invoice (or estimate). These costs can be established only knowign the right details of goods ordered (type and quantity), this in order to establish the size and the weight of parcel, and naturally the final destination (which city in which country). 

  Standard: packaging: costs free
Particular packaging: costs apart 

  The majority of products purposed is classified in EEC as «Medical Device» and accordingly they are CE marked.
Others typologies of products purposed (ruled by specific normatives) are: cosmetics, individual protection devices.
It is now important to roport this distinction about the final destination (country) of goods.


As told, our products are CE marked conforming to the relative European Directive about this kind of products, consequently there are no problem with their import in any EEC Country.
The goods is shipped with a simply waybill and the fiscal document is contained inside the parcel. 


Please consider the nature of these products and check with accuracy any eventual complication (normative,fiscal, sanitary, with the customs, etc) to import them considering also that:
1) The goods is shipped with many copies of regula invoice thats shows: the seller data, the buyer data, the goods description and quantity, the partial and total amount of the articles, etc.
2) After the payment, and the shipment, we don't assume any responsability with problems with the import operation, or other aspects required to the products or their use. 

  All products purposed, are warranted against any defect, in terms of law.
If someone observes any problem about the products quality, please advise us.

  All products must be used for the scope they are build for.
They must be used according with instructions annexed, by qualified operators.
Any other use must be considered improper.
If the products is visibly altered, or if there is any doubt that he had lost one or more of its essential characteristics (at example the sterility) or if it exist the doubt about its use in a safety conditions, please don't use the device and advise us.

  According with international privacy laws, all buyer data will be used only to administrate the relational and business partnership.
In this optic, they can be communicated to all subjects that have a role in the business partnership/operations:
- Banks
- Couriers
- Seller's fiscal administration societies
Data related to the buyer address or e-mail reference can be used by the seller to communicate: update, offers, notices, etc.
Any other use of personal informations it is excluded. 





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